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The rise of the 3D TV is already here. The first 3D channel after being officially launched in the year 2010 by Sky the platform has taken to the fascination of one and all. In spite of being expensive, there is no saying of the things to come in the near future.

For once, there are already 3D TV sets available from Sony and other leading TV makers which don’t require the wearing of 3D Glasses. In fact the adoption rate of 3D TV technology is bound to beat even HD TV in the near future and simply surpass continually.

The 3D channel launched by Sky has been impressively received by the people. Add to this the good dose of 3D games which are as good as it can get and they are not complaining one bit. The UK and Europe markets may however see a set back because of the economic problems that these nations are facing.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) president, Andrew House was pretty observant and reflective of the current times when he spoke heavily about the present and future of 3D TV. Add to this the fact that he praised British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) for being so instrumental in the superb growth of HD format. He is also equally confident that the 3D format is going to go the same way in the near future at that.

Considering the tremendous advancements as being made on the 3D platform, things certainly look greatly positive. The fact is that Mr. House is also at the helm of things as far as the video gaming operations in Europe are concerned. He thus spoke of the popular 3D games as also presented by Sky.

With the ever increasing availability and production of 3D TV content and the mass scale launching of glasses-free 3D TV sets, things definitely are looking bright, in 3D that is.

3D television next generation technology gives a real life experience to viewers. 3D TV technology works by sending a different image into each of your two different eyes. These images are then put together by your brain to create what appears to be an image that is escaping from your television set. There are many ways have been utilised to create this effect until this 3D technology gets perfect.



The 3D revolution has taken over the fascination of one and all. People all across the United Kingdom are looking at getting 3D display panel to their homes. For the average household this is nothing short of a dream. The 3D TV sets are expensive and they don’t come cheap.

Then there is the factor of huge criticism that the platform still continues to get from a faction of people. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that took place in Las Vegas this year was full of promises and potentials that may as well come to life for once. Toshiba was among the giants that came up with 3D display panels that didn’t quite need glasses.

The ambitious Regza GL1 set shown at the fare was for the first time outside of Japan. Back when it had made its debut on the Japanese show Ceatec, the TV set met with rave reviews. The company is also looking at showing a 3D laptop, the Qosmio at the CES. In fact they went on to state that fully operational glasses-free 3D portable computers might as well be in the taking for customers by the end of 2011 itself.

There are these 20” and 12” glasses-free TV models already for the taking in Japanese markets. These 3D TV sets doesn’t require one to put on the mandatory 3D glasses to view.

At the heart of it these giant TV makers are simply looking at getting high definition 3D TV sets to the households of the average people and at as much reasonable costs as possible. With the tremendous developments in technology that is taking place, this isn’t a hopeful dream but a strong possibility.



The Consumer Electronics Show that took place early 2011 showed a glimpse of a great future that awaits us. The year 2010 had the introduction of full-fledged 3D TV sets for the first time which did manage to turn eye ball plenty. People everywhere wanted to get a sneak peek of the latest revolution in TV technology. The ones who did see were the ones mighty impressed.

But then the catch here was the price. 3D TV for once did not come cheap and nor were cheap the many other gadgets related to it. Everything from 3D glasses to other related 3D devices all came expensive.

Toshiba and Sony showed 3D LCD panels which could be easily viewed without the need of any 3D glasses. JVC, LG and Toshiba also came up with passive 3D displays which used polarizer glasses. But then these glasses were much lighter and less expensive when compared with the regular and heavier active-shutter LCD glasses which came with the first-generation 3D TV sets.

Sony also demonstrated models of 3D prototype flat panels in three sizes. These were namely 46" LCD with 2K resolution, a 56" LCD with 4K and a 24.5" OLED model with 2K resolution. These there models also required no glasses fro once.

But now comes this fare which had the major TV makers like Sony, LG and the others that for once should come as a respite to the common man. For the super expensive 3D format may soon enough be available for the average income households as well and they may thus watch the phenomenal Avatar experience come live in their living rooms. Sony Pictures' Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was also shown and for once the picture quality was fairly convincing.

Sony is looking at going full throttle with its 3D products. A lot more 3D titles on Blu-ray and 3D channels will be there for the taking this year. This is only going to get more aggressive as far as the promotion of 3D TV is concerned.
Toshiba is offering with its passive models of 3D TVs, two pairs of glasses with TL515 models. Then there are the additional glasses that one may have to purchase at $10 to $15 each unit. For once, the 3D evolution and the 3D revolution is here and big time at that.

Sky 3D TV Offers :With Most awaited Sky 3D TV channel launch in UK first dedicated 3D TV channels solely made for sport is now available for the customers. Sky has successfully brought the 3D content to the masses including its existing customers.



Sky Arts is at it again, this time round. In its quest to give a unique and new experience to the audience each time, it is now looking at getting a live opera to the very TV sets of the viewers’ living room. Only this time round, it is going to be in 3D. The 3D revolution picked up big time and the ones getting a glimpse of a 3D viewing session becoming fans.

The catch here is that 3D TV and other related products and services come expensive and not one bit cheap. Then again there are the critics of 3D Format as of now who claim that the picture quality is still dim, the heavy glasses feel like a burden and not to mention the fact that they are all the more expensive. But all that notwithstanding, none may deny the fact that 3D TV viewing is definitely the platform of tomorrow.

The broadcasters, the TV studios have full confident in the platform in spite of it being the heydays yet.

Sky Arts will collaborate with the ENO and the stage production of Donizetti’s Lucrezia Borgia may be seen through the 3D eyes (read glasses) by the Sky 3D viewers from their homes. The slated date for the airing of the show is said to be on the 23rd February. Then again there are cinemas houses which will also be airing the stage show on their screens in 3D.

Thus people who don’t own a 3D TV set may not be sad over missing out on the event. Right from getting 3D to new audience to showing the younger lot or the generation of today, a piece of genuine and traditional art in 3D is bound to create some exciting conclusions.

John Berry, artistic director, ENO, spoke enthusiastically of this coming together with Sky Arts. He spoke of how this is nothing short of an ambition to take the opera art to a totally different and new plane and make the experience unique and exhilarating all the more. The opera will have director Mike Figgis at the helm of things. He was the one who also directed the acclaimed film Leaving Las Vegas.

3D TV Offers : Sky 3D TV will work with each and every 3D television and technology. Every 3D television is also HD ready, so, for those moments that you aren’t enjoying three dimensions, you can be enjoying high definition. Sky 3D TV opens the door to a whole new way of enjoying your favourite shows, providing realism within your own home that has never been experienced before.

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The year of 2010 saw the rise of 3D TV technology which had been around for ages but only now has it come truly of age. The next generation 3DTV sets have taken to one and all’s fancy. However, the issue here is that the TV sets are quite expensive. Although everyone who has seen things in the 3rd dimension have been smitten by the 3D bug. But then these TV sets and their related gadgets along with the 3D TV services don’t come cheap.

But if 2010 was anything to go by, then 2011 year has already shown a greater gaze of even more magical things to come. This year's Consumer Electronics Show had biggies Sony and Toshiba reveal a more evolved 3D LCD panels which don’t need 3D glasses.

This apart, even passive 3D displays were shown at the fair as presented by TV makers JVC, LG and Toshiba. These TV sets use light, inexpensive polarizer glasses and not the larger active-shutter LCD glasses that came with the first-generation of 3D TV sets.

Sony also showed three different glasses-less 3D prototype flat panels. These being a 46" LCD with 2K resolution, a 56" LCD with 4K and a 24.5" OLED model with 2K resolution. When it came to the viewing of animated films and 3D films at that, the effect was for sure convincing. The title that was shown was Sony Pictures ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’.

The picture quality was pretty much convincing. The 4K 65-incher was hands down the winner and far more superior of the lot. The resolution reduction lacked due to the lenticular overlay. But then that was made up for with the extra pixels. Sony is looking at giving complete focus and dedication to 3DTV this year.

Experience a new depth to you new favourite programs with sky 3d television. Just slip on your special glasses, turn on the TV and relax Enjoy 3D movie at home just like at cinema. Sky 3D TV offers you the ability to enjoy the high definition Sky 3D. Sky 3D Television (Sky 3d TV) station is to start on 1 October with a mix of films and sport, the broadcaster has announced.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

With Disney XD in HD, Sky now has 50 High Definition Channels

Sky recently launched added kids most loved cartoon channel, Disney XD to its list of HD channels. With this Sky now has a set of 50 High Definition channels to offer its HD TV customers.

Disney XD is known for providing entertainment to kids through its famous shows including Phineas And Ferb and I'm in the Band. The launch of this channel in HD is like a Christmas treat to children who are home for the festive season. When it comes to entertainment children are ignored most of the time and this time Sky has proved everybody wrong. With a dedicated HD channel for kids Sky TV has become the favorite of kids as well.

Sky already has a vast list of HD channels, which includes 9 sports channels for the sports lovers, 15 movie channels telecasting movies of different genres, 1 news channel and 26 entertainment channel telecasting content on lifestyle, culture, music and much more. With Disney XD it has added a lot of value to kids entertainment. From going Digital to High Definition Sky has made a place for itself in hearts of its viewers and is continuing to spin its magic. With 50 HD channels Sky TV customers will never fall short of content to watch out for. The choices in TV viewing have widened and will expand even more in the coming months.

Sky viewers can enjoy watching HD channels with Sky’s HD set top box. Their HD box is compatible with 3D TV sets as well and lets them enjoy the ultimate 3D TV viewing experience.

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