Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Consumer Electronics Show that took place early 2011 showed a glimpse of a great future that awaits us. The year 2010 had the introduction of full-fledged 3D TV sets for the first time which did manage to turn eye ball plenty. People everywhere wanted to get a sneak peek of the latest revolution in TV technology. The ones who did see were the ones mighty impressed.

But then the catch here was the price. 3D TV for once did not come cheap and nor were cheap the many other gadgets related to it. Everything from 3D glasses to other related 3D devices all came expensive.

Toshiba and Sony showed 3D LCD panels which could be easily viewed without the need of any 3D glasses. JVC, LG and Toshiba also came up with passive 3D displays which used polarizer glasses. But then these glasses were much lighter and less expensive when compared with the regular and heavier active-shutter LCD glasses which came with the first-generation 3D TV sets.

Sony also demonstrated models of 3D prototype flat panels in three sizes. These were namely 46" LCD with 2K resolution, a 56" LCD with 4K and a 24.5" OLED model with 2K resolution. These there models also required no glasses fro once.

But now comes this fare which had the major TV makers like Sony, LG and the others that for once should come as a respite to the common man. For the super expensive 3D format may soon enough be available for the average income households as well and they may thus watch the phenomenal Avatar experience come live in their living rooms. Sony Pictures' Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was also shown and for once the picture quality was fairly convincing.

Sony is looking at going full throttle with its 3D products. A lot more 3D titles on Blu-ray and 3D channels will be there for the taking this year. This is only going to get more aggressive as far as the promotion of 3D TV is concerned.
Toshiba is offering with its passive models of 3D TVs, two pairs of glasses with TL515 models. Then there are the additional glasses that one may have to purchase at $10 to $15 each unit. For once, the 3D evolution and the 3D revolution is here and big time at that.

Sky 3D TV Offers :With Most awaited Sky 3D TV channel launch in UK first dedicated 3D TV channels solely made for sport is now available for the customers. Sky has successfully brought the 3D content to the masses including its existing customers.


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