Thursday, January 13, 2011


The year of 2010 saw the rise of 3D TV technology which had been around for ages but only now has it come truly of age. The next generation 3DTV sets have taken to one and all’s fancy. However, the issue here is that the TV sets are quite expensive. Although everyone who has seen things in the 3rd dimension have been smitten by the 3D bug. But then these TV sets and their related gadgets along with the 3D TV services don’t come cheap.

But if 2010 was anything to go by, then 2011 year has already shown a greater gaze of even more magical things to come. This year's Consumer Electronics Show had biggies Sony and Toshiba reveal a more evolved 3D LCD panels which don’t need 3D glasses.

This apart, even passive 3D displays were shown at the fair as presented by TV makers JVC, LG and Toshiba. These TV sets use light, inexpensive polarizer glasses and not the larger active-shutter LCD glasses that came with the first-generation of 3D TV sets.

Sony also showed three different glasses-less 3D prototype flat panels. These being a 46" LCD with 2K resolution, a 56" LCD with 4K and a 24.5" OLED model with 2K resolution. When it came to the viewing of animated films and 3D films at that, the effect was for sure convincing. The title that was shown was Sony Pictures ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’.

The picture quality was pretty much convincing. The 4K 65-incher was hands down the winner and far more superior of the lot. The resolution reduction lacked due to the lenticular overlay. But then that was made up for with the extra pixels. Sony is looking at giving complete focus and dedication to 3DTV this year.

Experience a new depth to you new favourite programs with sky 3d television. Just slip on your special glasses, turn on the TV and relax Enjoy 3D movie at home just like at cinema. Sky 3D TV offers you the ability to enjoy the high definition Sky 3D. Sky 3D Television (Sky 3d TV) station is to start on 1 October with a mix of films and sport, the broadcaster has announced.

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